Get Those Awful Books Out of My Hotel Room


I travel a lot for work, and I frequently find these two weird books in a drawer in my hotel room. One of them is obviously sophomoric claptrap fantasy revisionist Jewish history. The other one, however, is truly awful: the main characte…

r is a petty, jealous tyrant who disallows basic human attributes like sexuality, but who enthusiastically promotes murder, genocide, intolerance, xenophobia, and misogyny.

For a while I considered calling ahead and asking the hotel to keep these reprehensible books out of my hotel room, but then I realized, this isn’t about me. What about the children? Both books are written with a certain air of authority. What if an impressionable child, or even an adult with sub-normal critical thinking skills, were to come across these books? Think of the damage that could occur on these unsuspecting travelers!!

So now, it’s part of my public service to take these books out of the hotel the morning after I check in and dispose of them, so they can’t hurt anyone.

Sure, it’s a lot of trouble, but I have to think of the greater good here. In this small way I make the world a little safer.

I encourage all my fellow travelers who care about their fellow man to do the same.See more


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